Suparna Mukherjee, MRS ASIA PACIFIC QUEEN AMBASSADOR 2018, MRS INDIA QUEEN OF SUBSTANCE 2017 RUNNERS UP, currently working as a Head of Academics and Development in a chain of Preschools in Kolkata, which actually keeps her passion and love for working with the Children alive. She takes great pride and pleasure in nurturing and nourishing these young minds, for the last 12 yrs of her life, in USA where she stayed for 10 years and also in Indian Preschools, as a Preschool specialist, shaping their future, developing strong foundation, and making them ready to take on the challenges of the outside world with Confidence. As a true woman of substance she balances her work and family (of 2 growing children,) with great diligence and at the same time, does not forget to make her own dreams and aspirations come true. As she believes, that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. She is an English Honours graduate, and has done Public Relations from Bhavans and is a certified Montessori Trained Teacher, and a trained Classical Dancer as well. Psychology is one of her favourite subjects, and Astrology / Photography are her hobbies. Being a confident, classy and compassionate individual, she tries to take her life the way as it comes. After her MRS INDIA Queen of Substance 2017 Runners Up title, and MRS INDIA CONGENIALITY QUEEN 2017 , which was held in Delhi, she became actively associated with several social organisations who is actually doing good work for the underprivileged section of the society, and also involved herself in activities like mental awareness programs, go green movements ,workshops for senior citizens, in the heart of Bengal. After the National Recognition in 2017, she decided to go one step further, and she started preparing herself for presenting India/ Bengal Internationally. She chose, Mrs Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant 2018, as it was a beauty contest with a lot of emphasis on Women Empowerment, and she is the first Bengali married woman , who not just represented India Internationally but also, won the crown of MRS ASIA PACIFIC SPECIAL QUEEN AMBASSADOR 2018 with her beauty , intelligence and Persona, as well as Mrs Asia Pacific Most Photogenic 2018 title after clearing several rounds in the contest held at Singapore among 30 delegates all over the asia pacific region . “Suparna Mukherjee” has been actively working towards Women Empowerment in Kolkata and she is currently the mentor of GPE (Girl Power Empowerment) an organisation that’s working towards uplifting women and is wholeheartedly involved and as well attending workshops , seminars, talkshows on various social causes. She is an honorary member of All Ladies League , which is an International Women economic Forum,and has been brand ambassador of a woman organisation called Woman Times. Along with her current profession , she is serving the community in many ways , contributing towards the field of Fashion and Technology ,as a Preschool Specialist, as a Motivational speaker, as a Personality Development Trainer, as a Grooming Coach and has been guests of honour, and celebrity guest and esteemed Judge in many beauty contests and organisation programs. She always strives to carve a niche for herself, to make a difference to the world in her own possible ways. She believes that when she is not there in this world physically , she can still be remembered, as a role model and an inspiration to many, who has been successful in doing her share, towards the contribution towards the global community development. Her motto in life is to ASPIRE TO INSPIRE … Its indeed a proud moment for all Bengalis and for Indians too, Jai Hind!!